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Vitamin D-Hgb A1C Profile (VAP)

Vitamin D-Hgb A1C Profile (VAP)

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Easy at home finger stick test to assess vitamin D and blood sugar control


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Vitamin D insufficiency and blood sugar dysregulation are extremely common today.

Both of these important health factors can be assessed with this simple test.

Hemoglobin A1c is a measure of an individual’s average blood sugar over the last 2 to 3 months. Specifically Hgb-A1c measures how much glucose is bound to red blood cells in the blood. Glucose that is allowed to remain in the blood can be very damaging and cause inflammation. Therefore, Hgb-A1c also provides some insight into the inflammatory state of the body.

Vitamin D has many crucial roles in the body including supporting the health of bones, cartilage, muscle, the immune system, cardiovascular system and brain function. Vitamin D deficiency has been correlated with many serious and debilitating conditions and diseases, including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, depression, chronic pain and autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis.   


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