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Adrenal Profile (AP)

Adrenal Profile (AP)

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Simple, Non-Invasive At Home Testing! Find the Cause of Your Fatigue Today!


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The Adrenal Stress Profile is a powerful and precise, noninvasive salivary test that evaluates levels of the body’s important stress hormone, cortisol, as well as sex hormone, DHEA.

This profile serves as a critical tool for uncovering the imbalances underlying anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, obesity, dysglycemia, and a host of other clinical conditions.

Four salivary samples are taken throughout one 24-Hour period in order to assess your normal cyclic cortisol levels and your first morning salivary DHEA levels.

Stress, caffeine, smoking, alcohol and excessive sugar intake are common adrenal stressors that can cause damage to the gland.

If adrenal stress is uncovered, an adrenal repair program consisting of nutrients and restorative herbs will be implemented.

Home Test - Non-Invasive - Ships to all 50 States.

The lab testing will enable you to understand your level of adrenal stress. 

Manage your adrenal stress with Aceva's Adrenal Foundation Program



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